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Wise words for Developers

"I believe in KIUS (Keep It Usable Stupid) rather than KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) because developers have turned KISS into KICS (Keep It Crippled Stupid)…"

- Animal

"I'm personally not a fan of removing useful things for the sake of "simplicity" or changing things just for the sake of changing them."

- AxelF

"Usability should not be sacrificed in the name of "simplicity" because unusable is not even simple. It's unusable."

- root


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Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS):

Philosophically and ethically we agree but every day practicality needs things get done.

We support FOSS but in the real world 99% of Devices, Appliances, Machinery and Vehicles YOU USE run on Proprietary Software.

The Computer or Tablet or Phone you are using right now to Preach FOSS runs on Proprietary Software (Embedded in the Hardware or not).

This is pure hypocrisy.

We agree that FOSS is good but we need things get done and if FOSS does not suit us we'll use whatever software does the job.

That's what FOSS Fanatics don't get. Users need things get done. Now.

Mac, iPhone and iPad run on Proprietary Software and still they changed the world and gave us tremendous power.

Proprietary Software is not always about removing or limiting our Freedoms and our Rights.

It can be about User Experience Consistency, Quality Control and Stability.

Not all proprietary Applications are full of DRM, spies and sell your data for advertising purposes.

FOSS Applications can also be full of DRM, spies and sell your data for advertising purposes.